About Us

The Glenview Online Academy for Learning (GOAL) is District 34's newest - and largest! - school. 

GOAL has been created to provide a consistent remote learning model as another option for families. Students in GOAL will remain in a remote environment through the end of the first trimester, even if the District allows Hybrid in-person learning before that time. Parents will have an opportunity to register for GOAL again for the second trimester. GOAL is designed to support all EC- 8 students, and will will follow the same EC- 8 curriculum maps and instructional opportunities as REMOTE +, Hybrid, and In-Person to ensure seamless transitions (as needed) at the trimester break. GOAL Staff will collaborate with Remote + / Hybrid / In-Person staff weekly to ensure consistency in programming, providing an opportunity for either group to adjust when necessary.

GOAL Students will be able to meet in-person (if a parent chooses and appropriate)  and access materials in the same ways  as Remote +.